• Spectral Cinema & Contested Landscapes

    The Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ) • Volume 12.2, December 2023

    This special issue of MIRAJ brings together artists and scholars around the central question of how ghosts and haunting in cinema (and beyond) can help us to critically re-evaluate society and our position within it. Linking the spectral to place, and in many cases to trauma, the works discussed consider the socio-political agency and intentionality of the more-than-human.

    Guest editor: Roz Mortimer
    Featuring contributions from: Cecilia Mello, Louise Wilson, Astrid Korporaal, Struan Gray, Kate Woodward, Juanita Onzaga and Michaela Kinghorn

    Pub: Intellect

  • The Address from Beyond the Grave: The Female Spectral Voice

    MAI: Feminism and Visual Culture. Issue 11: Representing Women’s Realities. Summer 2023

    Video Essay with accompanying essay.

    This video essay The Address from Beyond the Grave sets out to critically explore how films can use spectrality as an experimental methodology to build believable and affective worlds that ultimately challenge hegemonic paradigms in both the construction of documentary film and the formation of historiography. These female voices speak to us from beyond the grave. They are spectres, ghosts, spirits. They are those who have died violent and unjust deaths. They are those who society has chosen not to remember.

    MAI ISSN 2003-167x

  • Constructions of the Real: Intersections of Documentary-Based Film Practice and Theory

    This book is a collection of writing by diverse global documentary and non-fiction filmmakers who explore theory through filmmaking. Their hybrid filmmaking practices bridge industry and the academy, questions binaries, builds new connections between theory and practice, and suggests a new turn to marginalized knowledges.

    Chapter 13. pp 155-165
    Flaunting artifice: re-staging history as critical fabulation in The Deathless Woman. (Roz Mortimer)

    ISBN 9781789387438
    306 pages, 2023. Published by Intellect

  • 1-0-1 intersex

    1-0-1 [one 'o one ] intersex

    Das Zwei-Geschlechter-System als Menschenrechtsverletzung

    Featuring artworks and essays from artists including Roz Mortimer, Tyyne Claudia Pollmann, subRosa, Del LaGrace Volcano, Terre Thaemlitz, Nanna Lüth, Ins A Kromminga.

    ISBN: 3926796952
    Pages: 192
    Published by NGBK, New Society for Visual Arts, Berlin

  • Talking Back to Science

    Talking Back to Science: Art, Science and the Personal

    Featuring works and essays from artists including Roz Mortimer, Helen Paris and Leslie Hill, Alexa Wright, Cate Elwes. Edited by Bergit Arends and Verity Slater.

    ISBN: 1 841290 52 1
    Pages: 56
    Published by Wellcome Trust, distributed by CornerHouse
    (out of print)

  • Stories Behind the Screen

    Stories Behind the Screen

    DVD including works by Roz Mortimer, Corinna Schnitt, Guido van der Werwe, Al & Al.

    Curated by Alfred Rotert and Ralf Sausmikat
    Published by the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) and Virtual Center Media Net (VCM)

  • Antennae

    Antennae: the journal of nature in visual culture

    Pretty Ugly, Issue 8 Vol 2, Winter 2008

    Includes essays and interviews with Roz Mortimer, Robinson Devor, Gary Hume, Silvia B, Oleg Kulikl…
    Roz Mortimer: The Beauty of Diegetic Animals pp 40 – 45

    ISSN 1756-9575

  • Divers Memories

    Muistoja Syvalta: Divers Memories

    Featuring works and essays from artists including Roz Mortimer and Christy Johnson, Satu Huttunen, Jessica Shaw, Tone Arstila… Edited by Chris Dorset.

    ISBN: 0 9528772 0 1
    Pages: 24
    Published by University of Northumbria at Newcastle

  • ReForm

    Featuring works and essays from artists including Claire Robins, Rachel Matthews, Roz Mortimer, Simon Monk, Mike Golding, David Fusco, Camilla Berner, Bella Kerr, Keith Ball.

    Edited by Rachel Matthews, Roz Mortimer and Claire Robins
    ISBN: 0953576701
    Pages: 44
    Published by Moving Houses