The Deathless Woman

THE DEATHLESS WOMAN is a fantastical re-imagining of the history of the Roma people. Spanning 77 years from the murder of a Roma matriarch by Nazi soldiers in a forest in Poland in 1942 to the rise of the far-right in contemporary Europe, Mortimer’s dark thriller takes us on an intense journey led by the ghost of the matriarch and a character based on the filmmaker herself.

This hybrid documentary combines first-person witness testimony with Mortimer’s unique brand of re-enactment. Mortimer hand-builds all of her sets – from the burnt birch forest of the Deathless Woman’s grave in Poland, to a scale model of the Gypsy camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, to the underwater aftermath of a Nazi massacre in Hungary.

Eight years in the making, THE DEATHLESS WOMAN is an elegiac and urgent film. A ghost story for the 21st Century.

‘A powerful and poetic account of WWII Roma genocide and its contemporary resurrection. Hugely successful on both an artistic and a political level, it is a remarkable piece of work’ BFI London Film Festival

‘Captivating experimental feature’  Screen on Screen

‘A must watch’ Ake Dikhea Festival of Romani Film