Screenings & Comment 


Osnabrück European Media Art Festival, Germany.
Impakt Festival, Netherlands.
Viper-International Festival for Film Video and New Media, Switzerland.
Pandæmonium festival, LUX, London, UK.
Media Forum, 23rd Moscow International Film Festival 2001.


DNet, Lux 2000

Touring programmes

Best of Pandæmonium Touring Programme 2001


Belladona, Amsterdam

At an airshow where the predominantly male audience have come to watch the most powerful fighter jets in the world; this boy is absorbed in his own fledgling acts of violence.

Held within the frame his actions are slowed down and magnified. The sounds of the crowd and the jets become mixed with those of his imaginary world, revealing the malevolent undercurrents of his actions.

When recent research indicates that children who play with toy guns become violent adults, what does the future hold for this discontented boy?