traces montage

This installation presents a visual and aural unraveling of the experimental text: Writing the Story of the Deathless Woman. Objects, photographs and spoken word combine to present an expansion of Chapter Two of this book: a reflexive account of my first encounter with a Roma mass grave in the village of Bielcza, Poland.

The installed work is presented as a taxonomy of affect, built from the traces of what started out as empirical research into a series of mass graves in the forests of Poland. The spoken narrative reflects on a series of failures the day that I tried to find the grave and the uncanny events that resulted in a second visit and the discovery of the untold story of a violent death and subsequent haunting.

A glass vitrine displays objects linked to the traces, affects and failures of the spoken narrative which is encountered via two small speaker cones. On the wall above, a panoramic pinhole photograph of the first grave of the Deathless Woman.