SPLIT/SUITE obliquely refers to Finland’s history of divided territory and moving boundaries. The work was sited in the entrance of main building of the Pielisen Museum. Johnson and Mortimer chose to draw attention to the domestic collection in the main building by using objects such as blonde hair, dough, fish, quilt fabric, and birch for their simple performances to camera. Three ‘movements’ use the structure of repetition and splitting alongside Maame, the Finnish National Anthem.

About Divers Memories:
‘Muistoja Syvältä is the latest exhibiton by the Divers Memories Project. The imaginations of over seventy artists have been fused with the reservoir of Karelian history and culture at Pielisen Museum. Divers Memories is the outcome of a decade of work by the artist Chris Dorsett at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. More recently his concept has taken on an international identity as a large-scale research project funded by the Department of Visual and Performing Arts in the University of Northumbria at Newcastle. Muistoja Syvältä is one of a series of exhibitions which the project is initiating museums throughout the UK and Europe.’ 15 May – 15 September 1996

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