Screenings & Comment 


London Film Festival (official selection) 1998
New Zealand International Film Festival
Sao Paulo Film Festival, Brazil
Montreal Festival of New Cinema & Media, Canada
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Germany
European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany
Impakt Festival, Netherlands
Tampere International Short Film Festival, Finland (award winner)
Odense International Film Festival, Denmark
Berlin Lesben Film Festival, Germany
Anatalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Turkey
Bangladesh Film Festival
Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Spain
Festival of European Films, Turkey
L’Etrange Film Festival, Paris
Split Film Festival
Aphrodite Festival, Athens

Other Screenings

Lux Cinema London
ICA, London
Icon Gallery, Birmingham
THE FALLEN CURTAIN: PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AT YOU. Oberhausen International Film Festival (special programme). 2005
Filmbar, Hildesiem, Germany. 2005
SUFFRAGETTE CITY, The Spare Room Gallery, London. 2008
FILM AS MESSAGE: IRONY AS SUBVERSION. European Media Art Festival (special programme). 2015
FADE INTO YOU at Kunsthalle Mainz, Germany. 2015
ROUCH 100 at Close Up Film Centre, London 2017


Tampere International Film Festival 1999

Touring Programme

Osnabruck (EMAF) International Touring Programme:
Proyectos Culturales, Madrid
Film Museum Frankfurt
Danish Film Institute
Goethe Institute, Glasgow
Goethe Institute, Warsaw
Goethe Institute, Krakow
Goethe Institute, HongKong
Goethe Institute, Bangalore
KoKi cinema, Frieburg
KoKi cinema, Stuttgart
KoKi cinema, Gieflen
KoKi cinema, Eschborn
VVK-Gallery Hannover




LIVING IN THIS MESS. Morley Gallery, London, UK. January 2003
EVIDENCE. Maidstone Museum, Maidstone, UK 1998

In this erotic, witty and disturbing film, a suburban housewife peels back the veneer of her perfect home to lead us on a surreal journey into the subterranean world of worms. As the adventure unfolds, a female narrator tells fascinating facts about the worms, contrasting the woman’s exploration into her containment, sexuality and alienation. An intriguing mix of fact and fiction; a film about sex, dirt and housework.

‘It may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world as these lowly organised creatures’ Charles Darwin

The film echoes early Greenaway in dealing with factual information in an immensely surreal and sensually erotic manner.
Michael Hannigan, chair of international jury, Tampere International Short Film Festival 2000

With a handful of visual paradoxes which Luis Bunuel would have applauded, and a sense of eroticism that wipes out any preconceived ideas, Roz Mortimer gives a natural touch to a new manifestation of unprecedented fetishism.
San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival 1999

Mortimer’s childhood was spent in north London and she has a highly developed understanding of the suburban experience. This becomes apparent through her use of location as a metaphor for containment and control and in her character developments, charting the stifling effects of repression and tedium to their inevitable conclusion. Her narratives, though humorous and surreal, are disturbing insights into middle classness, repression and guilt.
Claire Robins, ReForm catalogue 1998

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