Bloodsports for Girls

Screenings & Comment 


UNEARTHED, Warton House, London. 2011
SUFFRAGETTE CITY, The Spare Room Gallery, London 2008
DNet, Lux, London 2000
Austrian Film-makers Co-op 1996
Halloween Society, London 1996
Mono Lake at Community Music, London 1996
Union Chapel, London 1995
Aachener Film House, Germany 1995
London Film-Makers Co-op 1995

Film Festivals

Zone Multi Media Festival, UK 1998
Whitechapel Open, London 1996
Cinewoman Film Festival, UK. Shortlisted for award 1996
Chicago International Film Festival 1996
Feminale International Film Festival, Cologne 1996
Essen International Film Festival, Germany 1996
New Visions Festival, Glasgow 1996
Viva 8 International Film Festival, London 1996
Out of the Blue Festival, Edinburgh 1996
Kinofilm International Film Festival, UK 1995

A lone woman is followed on three dreamlike journeys where she claims her sexuality and samples the forbidden fruit of Dr. Freud. The woman lives in a sumptuous and surreal world where her erotic dreams are populated by snails, tadpoles, and her ever present scissors.

The film, with lascivious tongue in cheek, uses Freudian symbols to confront ideals of female sexuality and break taboos by mixing the forbidden with luscious sensual pleasure. A richly visual, witty and haunting film, drawing its literary influences from the notes of Freud, T.S. Eliot and the Bumper Book for Girls.

“Here comes the candle to light you to bed
Here comes the chopper to chop off your head”

A film about desire, fantasy and the abject.