David Fusco

Eye, Heart, Diaphragm and Adrenal
MDF, wood and paint, 65x325x45cm, 1998

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David Fusco’s works are distillations from an abundance of slowly organised material, rather than absolute, revealed statements. The pieces are realised as partial sequences, in balanced groups; similes of common experiences composed of objects which are re-manufactures, hybrids and inventions; instruments, tools and containers. They backtrack experience, holding and revealing memory and sensation.
Two particular references have been part of the development of Eye, Heart, Diaphragm and Adrenal. Descartes’ ‘cut-away’ diagrams of the eye, in which he explains, through hydraulics, how the human senses function; and Robert Fludd’s Microcosmic man, whose viscera are spread above him as a schematic diagram -
re-aligned in correspondence with heavenly phenomena. In this piece, Fusco uses forms and similes on several levels, the weight and form of an original soap dispenser parallels the heart, and repeats the forms in Fludd’s drawings as well as his own.
Fusco’s work doesn’t contain riddles to be unravelled - the pieces are monumental in that their physical presence and formal geometry are assimilated immediately, the detail and internal relationships acting on, and confirming the first understanding.

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