• Reduced to Silence

    Reduced to Silence

    landscape, atrocity and a culture of forgetting

    The Reduced to Silence blog charts the research for Roz’s current project. Utilising video, photography and text she presents us with a series of investigations into memory, atrocity and landscape. Taking us from the banks of the Danube to the forests of Poland; Eisenman’s Holocaust Memorial in Berlin; the abandoned village of Oradour-sur-Glane in France; a gravel pit in Varpalota and on through central and eastern Europe she turns her camera onto both the memorialised and non-memorialised, raising questions about how we chose to remember and what we chose to forget.

    Supported by Animate Projects and Arts Council England.

  • The Flayed Horse

    The Flayed Horse

    human-animal relations in the American West

    The Flayed Horse blog is a narrative investigation into the social, cultural and mythical relationships between humans and animals in the American West. It was created whilst Roz was Visiting Professor at Montana State University from January to June 2011. In it she takes us on a journey to meet bull riders, hunters, caged bears, bunny derbys and women who ride rodeo. It all started when he sent her a picture of a flayed horse dumped in the waste bin opposite his office…

    Two films from The Flayed Horse have been commissioned by Channel 4, Film London Artist’s Moving Image Network and Arts Council England. Watch them here.